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Clarke. A Fall of Moondust
Arthur Clarke
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The moon is colonized by earthlings and assimilates confidently. Even Earth-Moon tourist flights and the route of the Sea of ??Thirst filled with lunar dust are organized, along which a special ship-dust is plying. Despite the fact that the tectonic processes on the Moon have long ceased, Earth’s satellite can still present unpleasant surprises. This was confirmed by Patrice Harris, the captain of the Selenas, and his stewardess Susan Wilkins, when the airborne together with the crew and tourists was under the surface of the dust, hitting the place of the gas bubble that had been accumulating for thousands of years in the bowels of the Moon. The search for the missing dust was organized, which was eventually found with the help of thermal imagers, and then the rescuers led by the chief engineer Lawrence began to solve an extremely unconventional task - to find ways to extract people from the lunar dust that combined the worst properties of dust and water, The surface of the Moon is a vacuum, and the place of the catastrophe is sufficiently far from the lunar settlements. At the same time, the crew and tourists of the Selena began to struggle first with boredom in a confined space, then with emergency situations on board: overheating due to the lack of heat release into the environment, then - with the failure of chemical sinks of carbon dioxide, then with the subsidence of the body of the dust, and, finally, with the fire. People successfully saved. Patrick and Susan fell in love, but the captain, whom Luna tried to kill, decided to fly interplanetary ships.